Seattle Distilling Vodka

$ 18.00

Seattle Distilling Vodka is handmade on Vashon Island from hard red winter wheat grown in Moses Lake, Washington. This isn’t your standard tasteless vodka. It’s an Old World style spirit, unfiltered and full of character. When you use the best local grain to make vodka, you don’t want to scrub those flavors out with charcoal. Some say it's a whiskey drinker’s vodka, because it’s so full of personality. The pure grain base definitely shines when tasting, but it’s accompanied by spices and just a touch of trailing dark chocolate. It’s light on its feet, while still being exceptionally flavorful. Because we don’t filter it, you’ll notice a nice body to it, a buttery mouthfeel. Our vodka took home a silver medal from the American Distilling Institute in 2014.

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